Steel Construction and Machinery Manufacturing Industries

ARK-EMRE has been formed in Adana in 2011 to operate in steel structure design, manufacturing and erection services. Despite being young, ARK-EMRE has successfullty completed important grand projects and has been the widely known and respected company within the industry.

19.000 tons steel structure, manufacturing and erection and 140.000 m2 cladding works of the Steel plant investment by "Mass Global for Iron & Steel Industry" in Suleimaniya, Iraq has been completed in a record time like 12 months by ARK-EMRE.

Operating areas

Machinery - Equipment and Whole Plants

  • *Steel structure design, manufacturing and erection
  • *Steel plant equipment and machinery manufacturing and installation
  • *Industrial plant machineery and equipment installation
  • *Piping and piping equipment manufacturing and installation
  • *Mechanical installation jobs
  • *Tank manufacturing and installation
  • *Heat and sound isolation equipment manufacturing and installation
  • *Purification facility manufacturing and erection
  • *Fire protection system manufacturing and installation
  • *HVAC manufacturing and installation
  • *Design, manufacturing, erection, EPC works turn key contracting

Mass Global for Iron & Steel Industry - Süleimaniye IRAQ Steel Plant Erection